I am convinced that someday when I stand before the LORD, He’ll give me a new name...Hope.  Until then, you can call me Amy : )
I am a teacher, mother, writer, advocate, and wounded warrior who is striving to love the LORD and be consumed by His love.  I am happiest when I am barefoot, under a tree, beside one of the many people that bring me joy.  I love to think deep thoughts & have meaningful conversations. Monkeys, naps, and butterflies make me smile.
Four decades of deep, chronic pain, birthed from trauma & mental illness, once threatened to destroy me.  Today, God is repurposing this pain to be a foundation for my profound hope.
Are you angry at God?  Do you question His goodness and think that you’re beyond hope?  You’re in good company.  I’m living proof that He still loves you, wants you, & has a plan to redeem your pain.
There is always, always, always, hope in Jesus!
I've spent much time wrestling with what to share publicly about my life.  I've mainly contemplated this because my story intersects with those of 2 parents, 5 step-parents, 6 siblings, 1 ex-husband, 1 son, and numerous extended family members. 
I recognize that I would be a character in their stories and some of them would write versions of shared events that vary greatly from mine.  As I tell of certain life chapters, some people do appear to be villains.  However, if you knew their complete story, you would see that in other books, they were victims.  It's trite, but true, that hurt people hurt people.  Likewise, I would be cast as a villain in some of their books.  We all see life through our own eyes & this website is about life through mine.
Finally, some key people in my life have passed and anyone who's ever lost someone knows the need we have as people to honor the legacy of the dead.  I have no desire to condemn or wound anyone.  I only want to heal and for others to find hope & healing as well.