What is a good little girl?

I was praised as a child for being smart, pretty, helpful, and obedient.  I was told that these qualities made me a good girl.

What if I race, barefoot, through a field and climb a tree?  My untamed hair gets tangled, sweaty, and free. I skin my arm, soil my nails, and rip my shirt.  Am I ugly now?  Am I bad?

What if I act rashly?  Fail to pause and consider all possible outcomes?  I relinquish control, follow my instincts, and fail to vet my words.  What if I am naive and gullible?  Or foolish and immature. Am I dumb now?  Am I bad?

What if I rest in peace?  I lie quiet and still; staring at the stars with no purpose or plan.  I ignore the clock and pursue nothing.  I just am.  Does this make me lazy?  Am I bad?

What if I strain against the walls that aim to box me in?  What if I question every rule?  I challenge the systems, the certainties, and the paved ways.  I wonder aloud what lies beyond the horizon. What if I am rebellious and stubborn?  Am I bad?

No. I am good.  But why?

I am good because of Him.  I am united with him.  I am His.  I am good because he made me & fills me with His love.

I am valued because He is loving & I belong to LOVE.

The One who made me pretty, smart, helpful, and obedient also made me wild, untamed, sincere, kind, bold, courageous, creative, funny, joyful, gentle, respectful, daring, authentic, inspiring, determined, gracious, loving, resilient, playful, honest, strong, fierce, adventurous, genuine, compassionate and loyal.  

He is the same One who knows that I am often ugly, foolish, lazy and rebellious.  He sees me when my heart is cowardly, deceptive, rude, arrogant, hateful, dull, hypocritical, lame, obnoxious, harsh, disrespectful, fake, weak, hopeless, despairing, resentful, timid, faithless, selfish, and  hard.

Even so, I am beautiful in His eyes.  I am made in His image...a reflection of His love.  I have no beauty on my own, but, praise the LORD, I am not alone.

I am always beautiful because of whose I am.  I am His.  And He is mine.

I was chosen on the cross and reconciled through His blood.  I am whole, holy, and wholly wanted by the One who fiercely loves.